Chalky Finish Painted Basket

Chalky Finish Painted Basket

Chalky Finish Painted Basket

Today, I’m going to show you how to make over a basic basket into a pretty Chalky Finish Painted Basket, and how to do it in under an hour. Crafting doesn’t need to take a lot of time, and a project like this is a great example of quick results you’ll love!

The easiest way to paint a basket is to have a plan – almost like a road map – and follow it every time. As one section dries, and you’re painting the next, you’ll see just how quickly you can transform a plain basket into the perfect home accessory. Let’s face it – baskets are great not only as decorations but also as organizational tools. Why not make them pretty? 

Chalky Finish Painted Basket - supplies


Americana Chalky Finish Paint (in color of your choice)
If you’ve never yet tried the popular chalk finish paints that are all over Pinterest, these Chalky Finish paints by DecoArt are a great place to start. They are new to the market, and you can purchase them via These paints are inexpensive, come in small sizes that are perfect for trying out, and most importantly? The coverage is excellent, the finish is perfectly chalky, and these paints dry fast with only one coat necessary for many projects! The color I used for this project is called Escape, and is a pretty tropical blue shade. (Full disclosure: I often do special projects for DecoArt, but I am truly in love with these paints.) 

Basic paint brush (nothing fancy at all)
If you’re starting out painting something for the first time, I’d suggest purchasing an inexpensive brush. For this project especially, you don’t need a fancy brush to paint a basket. The only downside to a cheap brush is that occasionally a bristle or two (from the brush) might come out while you’re painting. This happened to me on this project: I just picked the stray bristle up and continued painting. I purposely used an inexpensive brush for this project to show you that fancy supplies are not necessary.

Wax paper – The perfect surface to paint your projects on, because the wax paper won’t stick to the painted project.

Twine (optional)
Yes, the basic ball of twine you can purchase at the hardware store, craft store, or that you already have in the garage! This stuff comes in handy to decorate lots of projects – adding a rustic or nautical look depending on how it’s used. You don’t have to add twine to your painted basket – this is optional.

Let’s get started!

Tip: In each instance, you’re going to dip your paintbrush right into the paint container – dipping the brush straight down so that you get the paint primarily on the tips of the brush. Take those painted tips and begin in a small section of the basket, taking full advantage of how the tips can get into all those nooks and crannies of the basket’s weave. 

Chalky Finish Painted Basket (Escape color)

Step One: Paint the bottom of your basket. There’s several reasons to start with the bottom. First, starting with the bottom is a great way to get a feel for both the Chalky Finish paint and your paintbrush. Secondly, because this paint dries fast, you’ll be able to set the basket down onto the wax paper while painting later sections.

Step Two: Holding the basket in one hand, paint the sides of your basket. Complete one side before moving to the next. By the time you get to the fourth side of the basket, the first side should be dry enough that your fingers can lightly hold it. Once you have all sides painted, the bottom is most likely dry and you can set the basket down onto the wax paper. 

Chalky Finish Painted Basket - Easy DIY

Step Three: Paint the top rim of the basket, using the wax paper to turn the basket so that you can easily paint the part of the rim closest to you. 

Step Four: Paint the inner lip of the basket. There’s no need to paint the entire inside of your basket. In most cases, you’ll be filling your basket with various things anyway, so don’t waste time painting what you won’t see. However, by painting the inner lip of the basket you provide a finished look. Again, use the wax paper to turn the basket as you paint.

Chalky Finish Painted Basket - inside rim

Step Five: Paint the basket handle, if there is one. Paint one side first, then the other, and make sure to get the edges too. 

And that’s it! You have a beautifully painted basket, in a fabulous chalky finish like you’ve seen on Pinterest, and you made this in less than an hour, minus the drying time of course!

Chalky Finish Painted Basket - easy how to

Let your basket dry at least a few hours before using it. You can either leave it as is, or embellish with ribbon, burlap, fake or real flowers, moss – the list is endless quite frankly!  

Chalky Finish Painted Basket - twine on handle

I added twine to my basket. First I measured out a length of twine just by wrapping it around part of the painted handle to see how much I’d need. Then I cut three equal lengths of twine.

Chalky Finish Painted Basket - twine wrapped handle

I wrapped one section around the top of the handle and the other two sections around each side of the handle. I didn’t use any adhesive, and simply tied my ends together and then snipped off the extra. You can use a glue adhesive if you want, just make sure to glue the edges to the underside of the handle.

Chalky Finish Painted Basket - detail

If it’s still hard to carve out an hour to craft, then break up your project into smaller chunks of time. Paint the bottom of your basket and then leave it to dry, returning to paint another section the next day. You’ll find that it doesn’t take much time at all if you spend 10 minutes at a time.

Chalky Finish Painted Basket

Have a basket that could use a makeover? Try giving it a coat of chalky finish paint!


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