Creative Painted Floors

Creative Painted Floors

I’m not a fan of carpet.  I have decided…it’s just gross.  My husband and I have pulled up some of the nastiest stuff from the houses that we’ve redone.  No matter how often carpet is vacuumed…it just holds a lot of dirt. 

Recently my daughter and son-in-law began looking at houses to buy.  One of the houses that they really like, has a lot of potential.  The one drawback is the flooring.  All of it is in horrible condition, and they know that they’ll be on a tight budget.  I told my daughter, “we could paint the floors!”  I’ve done this several times in houses that I’ve lived in, and I love them.  Painted floors are some of the most charming additions to a home.

You can add any style…LITERALLY…to a home, with a little work…and paint.  I want to show you just how easily this can make a room sing.

Take a look at this floor…I’m not a huge fan of yellow, but this floor just rocks.  it’s bright, cheerful, and it could seriously go either way…modern or country.  With an over-sized stencil, white and yellow floor paint, this would be a few days away!

Painted Floors


This is a painted porch, but there is no reason it couldn’t just as easily be in any room of the house.  What a stunning color!  You could make a real statement with this as the flooring in a kitchen with red accents!

Painted Floors


I adore checked floors.  I love these stunning grey and white ones, but I am smitten with them in just about any color.  This just screams farmhouse charm to me!

Painted Floors


What a sensational way to dress up a hardwood floor.

Painted Floors


Here’s another really simple, yet versatile pattern for just about any type of decorating style.

Painted Floors


How fun is this for a girls room.  I could see this lasting until she went to college…heck, I’d love this in one of my guest rooms!

Painted Floors


Here is an AWESOME article on DIY stencils.  Seriously?  If you hate your floors, what something super durable…and You have some energy…what are you waiting for?

Painted Floors


Here’s an article on painted plywood floors.  There is really no excuse for not having beautiful floors…while you wait on the budget for updates.  Heck, you might even decide you want to keep the paint!

Painted Floors

So, get going….and I want to see pictures!

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  1. Vicki Brawley :

    I noticed that all of the painted floors started with hardwood flooring. Could you paint subfloors that have been covered with padding and carpet or vinyl since the 60s or do you need another layer? I did not see the link for the article on painted floors.

    • I would think that you might want to use a layer over the top. I only say that because getting the remains of anything glued onto a floor, is going to take a LOT of work. That said, my husband and I did that one time. It took us tons of work and then we rented a floor sander to get the floors smooth. There is a thing wood sheet you can use, that contractors use when they are going to lay vinyl. It’s called underlayment, and it’s fairly inexpensive. I will double check to see where I went wrong with the link to the article and try to get that fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I am a huge fan of the painted floors–I’m considering doing it in our family room–someday . . . . Thanks for all the ideas!
    Karen Ploransky @ The Decorated Nest recently posted…New at the “Nest” – Welcome Spring!My Profile

    • Karen, I have to say, if a floor is done correctly, I love them WAY better than any manufactured floor that could be placed! So much charm! I hope I get to see yours when you’re finished.

  3. Beautiful What kind of paint do you use, deck or is there a special paint?
    Can you paint on laminate floors?

  4. I want to paint my kitchen floor it currently has a specked floor looks like what they use in garages can you recommend what kind of paint I should use ? Since there is a lot of traffic in the kitchen. Thanks

  5. Aubrey Northrop :

    i actually just took up my bedroom carpeting and painted the plywood underneath. I thought about just putting a rug in the middle, but my mother (whom I still live with) sent me the link to this page. (did I mention I’m an art student?) I love these ideas and would like to do something similar, but I am terrible at making anything symmetrical. Any suggestions?

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