DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland

DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland



 Garlands seem to be a trend in decorating that’s hanging around. (Pun Intended!)  Garlands just work for any type of holiday or gathering.  Really….does one need an excuse to change out  their garland?  They’re so simple to make…that a change for every mood swing is possible!  Only with me…that would be several times a day…so I’m not sure I should be recommending that! LOL

Today I have a really cute and feminine garland that I made completely out of supplies I had around the house.  Why buy craft supplies when you can use scraps….RIGHT?  It never seems to matter. how well I plan for a project, I always have something leftover.  My hording personality, just won’t let me throw them out…so sometimes I just chunk stuff in a box or basket.  Occasionally I get my scrap box out…and create something.  And that, my friends, is how this little decoration came to be today.  I had little leftovers from various projects, and played around till this came to me.  It’s super easy….


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


I know a lot of folks don’t get a physical newspaper anymore….it’s kinda sad. I personally still like to hold a paper or magazine or book in my hand.  There is something about the tactility of holding them, that relaxes me.   I love my computer…but I can’t give paper up.  ANYHOO….I digress.  If you don’t read a newspaper…you could try a magazine, or find a friend that does.  Maybe an old phone book?


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


Begin by ripping the pages down the long side, they rip a lot more evenly. DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


I tore mine in approximately 1″ strips.  It really doesn’t matter…as long as they are wide enough…they will be trimmed.   Now begin to fold them in an alternating pattern.  back and forth


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


If you’re using something shorter than a newspaper…you might have to glue two pieces together.  

Now trim the ends to make them even…and this is where you make the width of the folded strip…the size you need.  I wanted to cover the main circle in my doily…so I made the strip…about half the width of the circle.


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


Take the two ends and attach them in a loop.


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


I used hot glue…because it dries so fast.  Makes this project go from easy…to extra easy!  Now make your inside edges come together and secure them with a dab of hot glue.


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


Just drop a dab of hot glue into the center…and manipulate the folds to form a circle.  This is why I like using hot glue…I don’t have to hold it all day while the glue dries. 😀

Now place a dab of glue in the center of your doily and press your pleated circle onto it!


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


I embellished mine with a little bow I made from jute…and frayed out the ends.  You could punch a paper shape for this….spell something out….use pictures.  Hot glue a bead….really anything would look cute.


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


Now take some cardboard that isn’t very thick…I used a cereal box.  You could also use card stock.  You just need something to firm up the doily, so that it doesn’t fold over onto itself….they are super thin and flimsy.  I used cardboard, because I liked the color with my doily.  If you like a more colorful palette, you could use colored card stock.  Lay a doily down onto the cardboard and cut a circle for it.  I didn’t measure or mark it…I just cut around the doily.


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


Place the jute down on the back of the doily and glue.  I used three strands of jute…again…for stability…and I liked the way it looked.  I sandwiched the jute between the back of the doily and the cardboard.  

Now repeat for as many of the circles as you like.


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


Now, How cute is that?


DIY Newspaper and Doily Garland


I think it would be adorable with my grandkids’ pictures in the center…for Christmas or valentines day!  How bout spelling out Gobble for Thanksgiving!…or Give Thanks?  Blessings?  Joy?  There are so many ideas!  I like the idea of spelling out cottage or country too.  What would you embellish yours with?


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 Love Y’all!



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  1. That is beautiful!! Loving it 🙂
    Dria recently posted…$300 Gift Card Giveway Winners Choice to Michals, Target or Visa!My Profile

  2. So cute. Love this!

  3. Oh yes, I am a garland lover. Hate to count how many I have in my home right now. lol! I even made mini garlands to tie around a couple of giant pumpkins and one to hang on an old rake. I love this garland and will surely be making one in the future. Thanks for sharing it.
    Jann Olson recently posted…Got Milk?My Profile

  4. Love this, Tammy! It makes me think of concho-style western belts, but even prettier…your mantel looks perfect with it!
    Megan from ChaosServedDaily recently posted…Hard Cider and Caramel Apple Gift BucketMy Profile

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