DIY Wall Art and Fabric Flower Tutorial

DIY Wall Art and Fabric Flower Tutorial

Making your own DIY wall art is easy and a great way to decorate a room without spending big bucks on art.  We are sprucing  up the girls’ bathroom on a very narrow budget so creating the wall art myself was a huge money saver! I adore the sweet flowers, and I am sharing my fabric flower tutorial with you today, too!

DIY wall art

I started with an old plaque I got at a garage sale. You can see how it looked before HERE. I had 4 of them and each was uglier than the next. I turned some of them into pictures of my girls but I had one left over.

The process to make this DIY wall art is easy. I coated the whole thing in pale gray paint, painted the edges teal with craft paint, taped off a chevron pattern, and painted over it with pale yellow craft paint. After it was completely dry, I used my glue gun to adhere a strip of burlap and some twine. Then I hot glued on these simple fabric flowers I had made eons ago but had never used. The end result is a sweet piece of wall art that brightens up the girls’ bathroom! (By the way, you can check out more about sprucing up this bathroom HERE.)

 DIY wall art

There are other tutorials for making fabric flowers out there but here is my fabric flower tutorial and the way I made these.


Supplies: 2 different fabrics, felt, glue gun, embellishment (button, bead, etc.)

Cut 4 large circles and 4 smaller circles out of the fabric of your choice, and one rectangle out of felt.

diy art 014 

Starting with your large circles, fold a circle in half , add a dot of hot glue, and then carefully fold it in half again.

diy art 019

diy art 017 Glue your folded circle onto your felt with the folded side toward the middle of the felt and the open parts toward the sidess. Glue your next folded circle the same way. Make sure the folded sides are next to each other. Continue with the remaining two large circles.

diy art 022


diy art 023

Turn your felt  90 degrees and layer your smaller circles, folded in the same way, on top of the larger folded circles.


diy art 025 

Hot glue your embellishment in the center. I have used sparkly beads, buttons, and small rosettes. This time I used those glass beads you can buy at the dollar store.  You can also keep adding layers of smaller sized circles to your fabric flower to make it fluffy and fuller.

Trim your felt edges so they don’t show from the front.

diy art 026

And there are so many ways you can use these such as on headbands, decorating a tote bag, pins, really so many things!


Or use them to adorn some easy DIY wall art!  Hope you enjoyed my little fabric flower tutorial, too! Thanks for visiting!


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    Absolutely perfect! Another great job, Jen! I love them….

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