Dryer Sheet Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Dryer Sheet Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY for Valentine's Day

Want a fun reason to do laundry? Here it is: You can make pretty dryer sheet flowers out of your used dryer sheets!

dryer sheet flowers (1)

Yes, it’s true! 

Why not make some for Valentine’s Day? 

Supplies needed:

Used dryer sheets – 3 sheets per flower 
Perfect Pearls Mist in Perfect Pearl
Martha Stewart chunky red glitter paint
Small paint brush
Red 24-gauge wire
Twisty ties
Heat tool 


Step One: Place three used dryer sheets on top of each other — as lined up as you can make them — and begin folding them back-and-forth in an accordion type of fold.
Step Two: Once folded, pinch the center. Wrap floral wire or a twisty-tie around the center and twist the ends of the wire together. 
Step Three: Gently pull the layers apart, shaping the cinched-together dryer sheets into more of a flower shape.
You should have three layers on each side of the flower, a top layer, a middle layer, and a bottom layer. This is what the flowers should look like after you pull the layers apart:
dryer sheet flowers (2)
Step Four: Cut slits into each layer of the flower using scissors. Each slit should extend about half-way down toward the center of the flower. I alternate between making 2 slits and making 3 slits per layer, as it makes the flower fuller. Start with the bottom layer, and keep the slits somewhat evenly spaced.
Step Five: Place the flowers into an open box, and spray Perfect Pearls misting spray onto the flowers. (The box helps keep the spray contained.) Spray one side, wait a few minutes, turn them over, spray the other side. 
dryer sheet flowers (3)
Step Six: Dry each flower with a heat tool, which helps to set the Perfect Pearls mist. This can be a fun step, because the heat tool will curl the flower “petals” a bit so that right before your eyes your flower starts looking like a real flower blossom. Keep your heat tool constantly moving so that you don’t singe or burn the dryer sheets. This step is trial-and-error, and after you do just one flower you’ll have the hang of it. If you accidentally singe or burn part of the flower, you can simply cut that off.
Sometimes I like that look, as I think it adds to the shabby-style, so I’ll singe parts of my flowers on purpose. But for these flowers, I decided to keep them singe-free!
You’ll know you’ve completed this step when you are happy with out each flower looks! Like I said: this part is fun!
Step Seven: Cut identical lengths of wire twice the length that you want each stem to be. Wrap the middle part around the center of each flower, carefully removed the twisty ties. Twist the wire tightly to keep the flower secure. Twist the two wires around each other to form the stem, as you can see in the pictures below…
dryer sheet flowers (4)
dryer sheet flowers (5)
Step Eight: Using a small paint brush, paint on some chunky red glitter paint, making sure to get into each of the layers and the undersides too. This creates wonderful depth and emphasizes the shape of each flower.
dryer sheet flowers (6)
Step Nine: Place your dryer sheet flowers upright in a container or vase to dry for at least 8 hours.
And that’s it!
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I love these containers I bought last Fall at IKEA! They’re so versatile! 
IKEA containers
Dryer Sheet Flowers for Valentine's Day
Next time you’re doing laundry, save those dryer sheets and make yourself a pretty bouquet of dryer sheet flowers!
And if you want to see more Valentine’s Day inspiration, please follow my Be My Valentine Pinterest Board, where I’m collecting my favorite crafts, decor DIYs and recipes! 
Happy crafting!

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