Fifteen (decorating ideas) Uses for a Rake.

Fifteen (decorating ideas) Uses for a Rake.

Decorating Ideas for using rakes

Old rakes, and decorating ideas, may not seem likely bed fellows to most folks…but this farmer’s wife will show you how they REALLY are!  Old rakes are probably one of the most found junk items on an old farm.  The old wooden handles were notorious for rotting and breaking.  Generally it was cheaper to buy a new rake, than replace the old handle..and then…you had this “fingered” object…that any farmer would just chunk into a pile.  Now, I know of no other more resourceful human on the face of the earth, than a farmer’s wife.  Rake heads became a very useful commodity in my household…and today I’m sharing this from over at Deja Vue Designs….my other home!

I hope you get a few decorating ideas from this. I know Y’all have all seen the rake used for yard work, and yes even to hang necklaces on…both good ideas. But Y’all KNOW how much I LOVE reusing JUNK!!!

But, have you seen one used for this?

fifteen other uses for a rake

How cute is that?….and there is still room for stuff to hang on the teeth!

Well….how bout this?

fifteen other uses for a rake

You could even sit your canister of coffee up there….what a decorative idea for a coffee bar!!

Don’t have a coffee bar? Well here’s a decorating idea for something EVERYONE has….myself included.

fifteen other uses for a rake

I’m always needing some organizing ideas for around the cooking area. I always have my stuff sitting right around my stove top. You could even throw a pot holder up there! 🙂

Not into cooking….or coffee? REALLY? Well…how about …………

fifteen other uses for a rake

Why….yes…there is room up there for a wine bottle. I would however hang it in a fairly safe place if I were going to do that! Just sayin’.

No to any of the kitchen ideas? Well….this next few….everyone could use. You’d just be amazed how many things these versatile little buggers will hold.

Digging in the trash is SO worth it! lol

Lets move out of the kitchen for a minute……

Need a key hook?

Or a place to hang you hats and backpacks?

How bout those muddy or wet shoes?

or tools?

Everyone needs a charging station!

fifteen other uses for a rake


I kinda think a place to put your hair sprays and lotion…..

headbands, clips, and other tools?

No? Well what about your perfume?

I LOVE beside the tub organization ….Anything to get those bottles off the side of the tub…right?

bathroomcollage fifteen other uses for an old rake

Bathroom not your style?

fifteen other uses for a rake

Need a place to put a few books? You could even create a junk light or candle holder, I’m sure!

Was that fifteen…or sixteen? I lost count….but it just goes to show….the RAKE…so useful!

What would you use a rake for? Can you think of any other ways these babies would work?

Love Y’all!

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I'm a stay at home wife and mother of four. I began my career in the medical field, but art kept calling me back. I love art of all forms, and wish to inspire this love in everyone I encounter. My hope is that I will teach something or inspired something in everyone I meet.

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