A Fire Pit With Humble Beginnings

A Fire Pit With Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

    Fire Pit from tire wheelHave you ever thought about how hard a farmer and his equipment work.  A farmer generally works from sun up till sundown in the summer.  When the tractor was invented he didn’t slow down…he just took on more land to cultivate.  Tractors are fascinating and humble creatures.  Taking on the laborious work of several men…they are humbling to be near. Dave and I couldn’t have wished for a better life to raise our children in.  Farm life teaches so many tough and wonderful lessons.  When the evenings became warm enough to get out after dark, we would gather round a fire and roast marshmallows and hotdogs.  There were many nights that we would sit around a fire for hours laughing.  A fire pit is something that we love doing with family and friends.  I’m so happy that this is a past time that we’ve continued with our grandchildren.  In West Texas a fire can get out of control pretty quick with our winds.  Many times our county has burn bans in effect due to drought.  Containing a fire is definitely a must.  We found a solution for this problem.  The humble tractor wheel.  It’s the perfect size, and it’s tough as nails. I’ve never been in love with the color of the humble tractor wheel for my yard…I wanted it pretty…imagine that! lol That ugly fire pit, in its humble beginning…well maybe after it’s humble beginning…but before its second humbling!    Fire Pit from a tractor wheel    This little darlin’ started out kind of tan color…but tempature of the fires have turned it a mauve color…Needless to say…I wasn’t in love with this eighties look-alike! lol One day…after having a little campfire the night before…I got to thinking about a solution for this situation….and I had a light bulb go on over my head!  Right there in the hardware store….can you imagine the shocked look on the employee’s face?  What if that really happened every time we came up with something standing in the hardware store?  I could light up a city with that kind of power!   Anyway….I digress.  This is my solution!    

Fire Pit from a tractor wheel

  I bought black…and white high heat paint….for this solution……    

Fire Pit from a tractor wheel

Pretty classy considering it’s humble beginnings….NO?  

 Fire Pit from a tractor wheel

  Do you like a campfire? Do you own a fire pit? I bet you could find an old used tractor wheel and some high heat paint! 😀  I didn’t get a great photo of my fire pit on fire…but, you get the idea!  



Fire Pit from tire wheel

  Is it perfect?  No  But it is WAY better than it’s humble beginnings!  In my humble opinion! Are you “TIRE”d not having a fire pit….get out there and “Roll” out one of your own….and beautify it!                                            

Fire Pit from tire wheel

Love Y’all!  



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