Fun and Spooky Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Fun and Spooky Halloween Wreath Tutorial

You can make a Fun, Spooky, Glittery Halloween wreath in no time.  If I can make it, anyone can!

Halloween-Wreath-Cupcakes-and-CrinolineThis is all you need:


1.   The base of the wreath is a basic straw wreath.

2.  To this you add ‘poufs’ of color using floral mesh {I used Expressions Floral Mesh in apple/green lime}.

3.  Metal floral pins.

4.  Purple glitter spiders, a black bat and a little orange sign.

Halloween-Wreath-part-1-700x700 (1)

First, I cut a length of the floral mesh to cover the base of the wreath just as a fill for uniformity.  This was folded in half.

Second, I covered the base of the wreath with the mesh and kept it in place with the floral pins.

Third, your base is complete and ready for the fun part!


Fourth, I pulled a few feet of mesh off of the roll and pinch gathered the end and attached this to the wreath base.

Fifth, I worked my way around the wreath, pinching and gathering the mesh, poufing it out and attaching to the base at equal intervals.


When that was complete, I attached my glitter spidersbat and little sign and that was it!

Now let’s get spooky…but not too spooky.  

You can find recipes, crafting and a little bit of everything else over at Cupcakes and Crinoline ~ my virtual home.  I hope you stop by for a visit.  

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