How to Grow Lettuce in Containers

How to Grow Lettuce in Containers

How to Grow Lettuce in Containers

If you have the desire to grow some of your own food, but you don’t have the space or time for a conventional garden, then growing lettuce in containers is a good place to start. Lettuce is one of the easiest things you can grow in a container. Lettuce doesn’t grow well in the heat so now is the perfect time to plant it while it is still cool. Just imagine stepping out onto your deck or patio in just a few weeks and harvesting enough lettuce for the freshest tasting salad you’ve ever had!

growing lettuce in containers

To get started, you will need to select some pots or containers for your lettuce. It will grow in just about anything as long as it is at least 6 inches deep and has a drainage hole in the bottom. If you are using previously used pots, be sure to remove the soil and wash the pots with a mild bleach solution and let them dry.

growing lettuce in containers

Select and purchase your transplants from a nursery, garden center, or local growers. Varieties such as Butterhead, New Red Fire, Parris Island Romaine, and Nevada Iceberg all do well in containers. A six-pack or two is all that you’ll need to have plenty of lettuce for your family. You will also need a small bag of potting soil and a bag of composted cow manure for your planting medium. If you’d like some color in your pots, pick up a few pansies to mix in with your lettuce.

growing lettuce in containers

When ready to plant, place a coffee filter or a piece of broken pottery in the bottom of your pots to keep the soil from spilling out.

growing lettuce in containers

Mix the potting soil and the cow manure in a ratio of 1 to 1 and add the soil mixture up to one inch from the top of the pot and then dampen the soil.

growing lettuce in containers

Gently push your plants out of the cells, pull the roots apart just a bit, and plant your plants slightly deeper than they were previously planted.

growing lettuce in containers

 Space the plants about 4-5 inches apart. A good rule of thumb is that three plants will fit in an 8 inch sized pot. Remember to give your newly-planted lettuce a good drink of water.

After planting, choose a good location for your containers. Lettuce will need at least 6 hours of sun to grow. Because the soil in containers dries out quickly, you will need to water your lettuce at least once a day. Stick your finger in the soil and if it feels dry, you need to water. Keep the soil moist at all times but not soggy. Frequent watering will leach the nutrients out of the soil quickly so you will need to fertilize with a water-soluble fertilizer within a few weeks. Fish emulsion is a great one to use.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to harvest some delicious lettuce by pinching off a few of the outer leaves. Rinse the lettuce twice in cold water and let it drain. It tastes sweetest when freshly picked, but it will keep in the refrigerator in a plastic bag with a paper towel tucked down inside for about 2 weeks.

Another easy to grow container vegetable is radishes, and you can find directions on how to start them in my post Growing Radishes.

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