Honoring Veterans Day

Honoring Veterans Day

     Honoring the men, women, and families who have given service to our country, should be important to all of us.  November 11, 1918  was originally called Armistice Day and was set to celebrate the end of World War I. In 1938 it was passed by legislation as a,”dedication to the cause of world peace and hereafter called “Armistice Day.”” Which means we will honor World War I Veterans. After the country had been in two more wars, World War II and The Korean War,  the 83rd Congress change the word “Armistice” to “Veterans Day.” On June 1, 1954 the Legislation had changed this day to honor all American veterans of all wars. On November 11, 1954 was the First official Veterans Day.Once a Soldier Always a Soldier

Still more changes were made to honoring our veterans. In 1968 the Uniforms Holiday Bill was passed to ensure federal employees three day weekends. Now Veterans Day ended up on the fourth Monday in October. This caused confusion and conflict as people decided to honor the veterans on different days. Next President Gerald Ford Signed a law on September 20, 1975, Veterans Day shall be returned to its original day November 11 of observance beginning in 1978. The last change happened the United States Senate August 4, 2001. Resolution 143 Designated November 11, 2001 through November 17, 2001 as “National Veterans Awareness Week.” This resolutions directs all  Secondary and elementary schools to educate the students about the sacrifices and contributions of our nations veterans.

Veterans Day Cemetary

I am sure you can see by the photographs I chose that veterans return to us after war, either sacrificing their life, or with battle scars most of us can not begin to understand. These men and women and their families have given us a gift we can not repay. How could we repay a soldier for his life,  battle scars, or family life that was missed while deployed? Do you know the different branches of service? Do you know if your family members have fought for your Freedom? 

Plaque for Veterans from Crestwood Veterans Day Ages 2014

 Generations have served our country, some young men and women are beginning to serve right now. 

What can we do for them? Give them honor, respect, and understanding, because they have given the ultimate gift to our country. Thank you seems like a small token for what some have endured. Please take the time to learn about a soldier and a veteran.

Here is one way you can honor your family heritage Ancestry.com Veterans Records search your families service to honor your loved ones who have been United States of America service members. 

Do you love Starbucks or a veteran who does? Purchase a Starbucks by a Veterans Day Gift card and follow instructions on link Starbucks will donate $5.00 to Onward Veterans. 

Baskin Robbins will donate .10 for every scoop of First Class Camouflage ice cream Served on Veterans Day to the USO “Every Moment Counts” campaign.

beautiful-veterans-day-pics-to-post-on-facebook-1  On behalf of LIve Creatively Inspired  THANK  YOU to all who have served The United States of America,                        or are serving to give us the gift of Freedom.

On a personal Thank you from the bottom of my heart to My Dad,  all Veterans, those who are currently in the US military and my family members who have participated in my Freedom. I am honored to be among Heroes!

Flag from Ramsey Airforce Base



May god Bless America as we are Honoring Veterans Day!

Karen Marie Carlson Kedzuch

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