How To Easily Clean Silver

How To Easily Clean Silver

I am going to share with you how I clean my silver serving platters and silver utensils.I love picking up pieces while out thrift shopping.And I actually don’t mind when it starts to tarnish.But once it starts to turn orange I know it is time to clean my silver.

For this method I only use three things:Hot boiling water,baking soda, and an aluminum baking pan.

Aluminum is one of the key ingredients.If you are just cleaning silverware you can just line a baking dish with aluminum foil.I needed something larger so I went out and bought an aluminum baking pan from the grocery store.

I personally like using a disposable aluminum pan  because when I am finished with it  I can just throw it out.


You can see these have really turned orange.



The first thing you do is boil water.I did this using my  tea kettle.

Then I place my silver platter in my aluminum baking pan.

Next sprinkle on baking soda I use quite a bit.


You can see I had to stretch the sides of the pan a bit so this would fit inside.

Next pour the hot water on top of the silver.

It will start to bubble a little and it is a bit smelly like sulfur.

You will start to see the tarnished pan become clean.


After the tarnish is removed rinse it off and polish it up with a dry cotton towel.


Isn’t it amazing….this is super easy!

I also use this same technique with my silver utensils !

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  1. Hi Anne- I have used the technique using aluminum foil…but had to change the foil out after every piece of silver. Does the aluminum pan work for more than ONE thing? Can I use it over and over for several pieces? Just curious.
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