I Am OCD !!

I Am OCD !!



I suffer from OCD.

I’m pretty sure some of you may, as well.

You see, it started several years ago when I fell in love with all the grapevine that was growing profusely on our property.

Five acres of grapevine… and more!

When the Holidays came around, it became worse.

The twigs and branches and grapevine were my drug of choice.


It didn’t stop after the Holidays, because I realized how beautiful a grapevine branch

with dried leaves was – when placed within a Winter Tablescape.

When I did a Mini Revamp of my Foyer a few weeks ago, I added a huge collection of

greenery and honeysuckle and ivy in a blue glass vase.

Even then, I felt I was losing control. It was an addiction as strong as sweet tea with lemon.

A weakness that was slowly creeping into every room of my home.

This week, I knew I was in trouble.


Hello, my name is Barb. I have OCD.

Obsessive Clipping Disorder. 🙂

I can’t help it. I look at a tree branch and see not only the color but also the texture of the leaves.

I think to myself…”self, that branch would look really pretty when paired with
those branches.”

It’s a good thing we live on such a large property surrounded by all sorts of shrubs and trees and vines.

My Hubby says “who needs a hedge trimmer as long as I have some garden clippers.” 😀

But honestly….ask yourself. Is there anything much prettier than a bunch of greenery that Mother Earth herself has had a hand in creating?

Especially when paired with a pretty white milk bottle and a tin numbered tag…

… and a delicate white pitcher and another smaller pitcher filled with curly-handled spoons and sporting a sweet little “B” monogram.

Add all this on top of a pretty tin-bottomed wooden tray…

… and it is a classic scenery for an OCD attack.

Oh, and what would a Breakfast Room Vignette be without a bird nest under a cloche on a ruffled white cake plate …

NOW do you see why I am dealing with such a bad case of Obsessive Clipping Disorder?  I mean… who could blame me, right?

But, it’s really ok. My OCD may be a little out of control right now….

There may be a half dozen or so of various vases and containers around the house with ivy and grapevine and honeysuckle and branches….and anything else that cross my garden clippers.


(minus the poison ivy!) eek!

But each little container, artfully arranged just so – but still with a slightly wild and disarrayed look -only proves one thing…


Yes, it surely does.

And speaking of love.

Can I just say how excited and how much I love being able to share my home with you
here at Live. Creatively. Inspired.

I am amongst a group of very talented ladies and I am honored to be the Design
Partner of this fantastic team.

You will be able to read all about my other whacky “disorders” here every Thursday,
or join me daily over at my blog:

Also, by the way – many of the items you see above are available in my online shop:
I would love for you to visit me at either place. I hang out quite a lot there.
With sweet tea.
And clippers. 🙂
Thank for leaving me a comment.
I love your feedback.


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  1. Oh Barbara….is THAT what it’s called? WHEW….I thought I was the only one! You’re still lives are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! We’re so glad to have you!!! ~Tammy

  2. I am relieved to know what OCD means, I will have to tell my family because they think I have OCD too~On Computer Daily! You have quite a touch with your green clippings, love all the vignettes!

  3. Beautiful displays!! 5 acres of grapevine??–heaven!!~~Angela
    Angela recently posted…Backyard Retreat Series #1- Wooden AwningsMy Profile

  4. You mean there is a name for it? OHMYGOSH!!!! Hahahahaa… I am having withdrawals since we moved 8 years ago. NO vines in my yard… what?!
    I luv the wild look of vines cascading in an arrangement, and I am a fool for dried grapevine wreaths with leaves attached. … sigh…
    Hugs, Gee

  5. My OCD was acting up just yesterday! I couldn’t stop clipping the boxwood in the nature preserve down the street…..it’s there for me to clip, right?

    Great post, lovely home and beautiful decor!
    Sharon recently posted…DIY Boxwood TopiaryMy Profile

  6. Such a beautiful display, Barbara!

  7. Great post, Barb! I too have OCD. Lilacs, apple blossoms, bridal wreath, Queen Anne’s Lace. You name it. If it’s pretty and grows outside, I’m clippin’ it! Love your pretty vignette.

  8. Botanic Bleu :

    Oh, yes, I think there is an epidemic of OCD (Obsessive Clipping Disorder) among bloggers for sure. I caught it years ago before I started blogging. So, I may one who is infecting others as a carrier.

    Love your post…



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