IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover

January always brings with it a sense of wanting to start fresh and get organized. One look through the home improvement stores and craft stores, and you’ll quickly see that everything on sale is somehow related to streamlining your tasks and chores, and finding a place to put everything.

Consider the humble bulletin board. It isn’t anything fancy to look at, such as this basic one from Ikea. But it can really come in handy as a message center or a place to keep your important reminders.

IKEA Vaggis noticeboard

I’m going to show you how to “pretty up” a plain Ikea bulletin board for just the cost of some acrylic craft paints and stencils of your choice. This is an easy project and also a quick one that can be completed in one afternoon. Let it dry overnight, hang it the next day. 


Ikea “Vaggis” bulletin board
Painters tape
Craft paints in your choice of colors
Stencils – your choice of designs
Plastic jar lids (to hold your paints)
Paint brushes


1. Mask off your bulletin board around the border, so that you can paint the wooden frame without getting paint onto the cork. 

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover (1)

Important note: Don’t press too hard when putting the painters tape down, as some cork boards – like this one from Ikea – are very thin. I found out the hard way, and got two small holes in the cork when I lifted up the tape. But never fear: I’ll show you how I covered it up!

2. Paint the wood frame. I painted two quick coats of a pretty shade of blue.

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover (2)

3. Lift up the tape slowly and carefully, and be thankful you listened to my word of caution above so that you don’t have any cork ripped up like I did:

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover (3)

4. Using stencils and paint colors of your choice, simply begin painting a design onto the cork itself. I used a paisley stencil package that I already had in my stash, and just started at one corner and worked my way across the board.

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover (4)

I did one color completely, then moved on to the next one: all yellow paisleys first, then all purple ones, then the giant green one, followed by the small pink designs. I filled in some spots with some tiny blue squiggle stencils. For a final touch, I pounced some small orange dots here and there. Let dry.

5. If you have a problem with some small cork holes like I did, you can easily “fix” these holes by decorating right over them.

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover (5) 
How? With buttons!     

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover (6)

Yes, when in doubt, buttons are often my “go to” embellishment for projects. And these worked out perfectly. I chose a few from my stash in bright colors to match the stenciled design, and placed them not only over the two holes I needed to cover but in a few other random spots too.

Adhere them with heavy-duty glue dots, so they will stay in place.

And that’s it!

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover (9)

Now I have a pretty bulletin board for my craft studio to keep my notes where I can better pay attention to them!

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover (7)

I like the bright pastels I chose, as they’re happy colors to me! And I love how quick this makeover went, which is just what you want when trying to get yourself organized!

IKEA Bulletin Board Makeover (8)

Are you doing anything special this month to get better organized? 

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  1. Laura, This is just too adorable! You had me at paisley! Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy
    Tammy Killough recently posted…Peeling Paint TechniqueMy Profile

  2. Laura, I’m so glad you shared this! I actually have been planning to buy a cork board for my craft area and wanted to stencil it. 🙂 Thanks for the tip on being careful about the painter’s tape!
    Jen @ Girl in the Garage recently posted…My First Magazine FeatureMy Profile

  3. What a clever idea to cover up the tears! Love this!
    Dee Williamson recently posted…“Best Tuna Casserole” – Oh And It Was!My Profile

  4. Such a cute project.
    Stephanie recently posted…Closet Wallpaper EnvyMy Profile

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