How to Make Furniture Water-resistant

How to Make Furniture Water-resistant

With the weather warming up, most of us are starting to think about outside entertaining. Last year, I made over an old piece of furniture to become a water-resistant outside sideboard! 



how to make furniture water resistant


I wanted to have something on our deck that I could store some things in for impromptu snacks, drinks, etc. Not really a bar, although I’m not sure what else to call it.  Then I found this old credenza in my neighbor’s garbage and knew I could make something from it.

I knew I wanted to use it outside so I wanted it to be rustic and maybe even a little nautical. And I wanted to spend as little money as I could to get it looking that way (hence the rope-knot handles in lieu of hardware). 

I sanded it down smooth and stained the top. Once that was dry I taped it off from the rest of the piece. I used Valspar spray paint in red.

 how to make furniture water resistant

how to make furniture water resistant


Then I just used some sand paper to rub a little of the red paint off.


how to make furniture water resistant


I rubbed some dark walnut stain on and then rubbed it right off just to darken the paint a bit.  

I knew I wanted it to be a little more weather resistant than just varnished wood so I gave it several coats with a marine grade (boat) varnish. I chose Rustoleum Spar Varnish and it went on so nicely. No drips, smooth application, and a nice semi-glossy finish even though it says glossy.



The doors on either side don’t open so I wasn’t worried about hardware. I used some white rope and it works just fine! 


How To Make Furniture Water-resistant


How To Make Furniture Water-resistant


How To Make Furniture Water-resistant


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  1. Eleanor Treole :

    This piece is wonderful! It looks very professional, as if it was made that way!!! Good for you!

  2. I love red. Always makes me go, “ooooooooohhh” If I were to meander by the paint aisle, would I just look for Valspar red spray paint? It’s that basic!?

    I also have an idea for you, for an exterior sealer I learned from some paint guys. The kind that were so old they wanted to smoke cigars in my mom’s house.

    Exterior paint has all the uv and water resistant stuff in it. If you look for the darkest paint BASE, it’s usually a 4 or 5. It’s cloudy, but dries clear. This is before any tints added, of course. Tints have no redeeming protective value. A couple of coats (I use just two) of just this paint base has proved to be an excellent strong finish that won’t yellow like varnish or -thane products. Since polyacrylic isn’t strong enough to use outside, this has proved to be an interesting, extremely durable finish!

    Just another tool for your incredible toolbox!

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