How to make an inexpensive book leaf wreath

How to make an inexpensive book leaf wreath

Book Leaf Wreath


This is an amazingly simple and beautiful wreath.  It’s one of those projects that I get started on…thinking it was going to be a quick and easy job.  Easy…YES…quick…not so much.  It didn’t take as long as my “well read book wreath”, but it took longer than I had envisioned.  Now…inexpensive, I’ve got that one down pat.  Y’all know me…cheap…cheap…cheap, or not at all.  If you’ll recall, not so long ago on Deja Vue Designs, I made a wreath from book pages.  This project was inspired somewhat by that very project.  That…and a wreath I spotted in a Christmas catalog.  That one wasn’t made from book pages…but I just couldn’t resist using my old thrift store book for this one too.  I wish I could show you the inspiration picture…but I couldn’t for the life of me remember where or really when I saw it.  

How to make a book page leaf wreath

It was actually less than a $1.00 or 2.00 to make.  It didn’t cost me anything, because I had everything I needed at the house.  I guess it really depends on if a person keeps as much stuff as I do.  I’m not sure I would recommend keeping the amount of CRAP things that I keep.

These are super easy to make.  First make my famous wire wreath form from a hanger..

How to make a book page leaf wreath

 Basically you shape it into a circle…and take the hook and make it a loop.  The loop becomes the hanger.  On this one…I took floral wire, and as you can see…just wrapped one piece after another around the form…leaving various length tails sticking out.  This is entirely up to the individual, as to how many tails are left hanging out.  I wanted to keep this wreath fairly simple…so I didn’t add a whole lot of them.

Now begin to cut simple leaf shapes out of book pages.  They should vary in size…for interest.

How to make a book page leaf wreath

Just like my “Well read book wreath”, this one could be aged as well. If you don’t know how to age paper…you can find my paper aging technique here. 

I had my daughter in mind when I was making this…so I left mine really simple.  I kinda thought it looked better for her that way.

Paint your form, and when it’s dry, begin to sandwich the wire between to matching leaf forms.  Bending down the center before the hot glue or whatever glue you choose, dries.


That is seriously it….I swear! 

I think this might be another favorite.  I know Sara just adores it.

I finished mine off with this pretty little lace bow.  Really…so many things would look good with it.

If y’all will remember, I used a pretty burlap bow in my book page wreath…and I love them both.

I just adore this wreath…and, I think Sara did too.
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  1. I absolutely adore this! Anything made with book pages always steals my heart and this project is especially pretty!

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