Napkin Folding Making A Rose

Napkin Folding Making A Rose

Have you ever wondered how to fold a napkin into a rose?Well I am going to show you how easy it is napkin folding 101 making a rose.

I just discovered this recently while on vacation.We were seated at a table and on the place setting was this pretty folded rose napkin.


I carefully unfolded the napkin to see how this was done and it is much easier than I thought it was.So I am going to share it with you!

This is super easy!

First fold the napkin in half like this.



Next we will fold this again working from the bottom of the triangle shape.


It will look like this as you are folding it.But keep on folding until there is nothing left to fold.



This is how it should look.


Next we will roll this up from one side to the other.


Depending how big your napkin is and how tight you roll it will determin the finished rose.I did not roll mine very tight.


When you are finished rolling it the rose will look like this.


Your going to have a little tail.At the restaurant they left a bit of the tail off and tucked some in.My napkins are not that large and look better with it all tucked in.


I simply turned it over to the bottom and tucked it in.To determine the bottom pick the side that is not as pretty.



And that’s it super easy!

Here is another look at the other napkins I did.


This looks so pretty on a table setting.

Even though it is very simplistic it really makes quite a statement.

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  1. Hi Anne,
    This is the cutest!!!! Wow and they look so easy to do. I think I am going to try this one. How cute. I have a girlfriend get together on Friday and I think I may have a cute little craft idea for each of them.

  2. These are cute! Thanks for the tutorial, Anne!

  3. I really like that! I can imagine that would look nice on top of a dinner plate just waiting to be unwrapped. Thanks for showing the tutorial.

  4. LOVE these!!!! So easy and you don’t even have to iron the napkins!!!

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