Nasturtiums..the benefits of these beauties in the garden

Nasturtiums..the benefits of these beauties in the garden

Last Fall I shared these  three nasturtium recipes that are downloadable, with my readers at Deja Vue Designs.  I grow these beautiful plants in my garden every year.   They easily come up straight from the ground within just a few days of being planted.

Nasturtiums come in several different colors, orange, red, yellow …and also a bi-colored one..  If you like the taste of radishes… you’re going to absolutely love nasturtiums.  They resemble that flavor almost perfectly.  You can eat the leaves or the blooms with equal strength of flavor in both.  We use them in all kinds of recipes and salads.  They just add a snap of flavor.  I have found that the blossoms are a favorite for the hummingbirds also

Nasturtiums also have many health benefits.  The leaves are rich in vitamins that are useful in relieving several medical ailments.

Feel free to download this information sheet with the three recipes and information included… I can’t wait to hear how yours turn out.

Here I used them as a garnish for my Sauteed Cabbage and Roasted Red Peppers

Sauteed Cabbage and Roasted Red Peppers with nasturtium blossoms

Click here for my recipe for Sauteed Cabbage and Roasted Red Peppers.

I love the round leaves that seem to gently surround anything they grow near in the garden… without overtaking them.  They will drape down from a hanging basket for a gorgeous cascading effect.

red nasturtium

Sauteed Cabbage and roasted red peppers

No garden should be without nasturtiums… They are one of my very favorite recommendations for summer blooms.  You do, however, want to check for bugs…. they like to hang out in the center of the blooms.


Love Y’all!


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