Why You Need a Backyard Pond

Why You Need a Backyard Pond

Summer is in full swing and now more than ever is the time to add a backyard pond to your landscape! The sound of a waterfall is so melodic and relaxing and can melt the stress right off your shoulders. Not only that, a water garden is tranquil and beautiful. Here are a few examples of a backyard pond to get your creative juices flowing.

Boardwalk over a Backyard Pond

A wooden bridge over a pond provides a great place to sit and dangle your feet in the water. 

It’s also a great vantage spot for feeding fish. 

Koi will eat right out of your hand if you train them!


Backyard Pond with Aquatic Plants

Having a backyard pond also broadens the type of plants you can have in your garden.

There are hundreds of aquatic plants to enjoy – waterlilies and lotus are especially pretty.


Small Water and Backyard Pond

Contrary to popular belief, ponds are not mosquito breeders as long as you keep the water moving with a waterfall or fountain. Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in stagnant water. And if you have pond fish, they’ll eat the larvae!


Deck by a Backyard Pond

Can’t you just picture yourself sitting on this deck enjoying the view?

What a great place to enjoy a glass of iced tea or even dinner!


Small Ecosystem Pond with Fish and Plants

It’s easy to see that having a small pond and waterfall is peaceful and relaxing.

And if you choose an ecosystem pond with plants, fish, and proper circulation, it will be low maintenance.


Gazebo by a Water Garden

A gazebo by a backyard pond makes a perfect spot for entertaining …

… or curling up with a book all by yourself!

(All photos courtesy of Aquascape, Inc.)

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  1. Love these pictures, Jennifer! And yes, I can imagine myself in any of these settings! 🙂
    Laura / Pet Scribbles recently posted…Library Room Makeover with IKEA BookcasesMy Profile

  2. Nice reasons you have shared about back yard pond. I had a pond in my home but it get leaks again and again so I made it part of ground. Now my friend was telling me about
    Pond Pro 2000efficiency toward leaks .after watching your post I m longing again to have backyard pond.

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