Spring Flower Arrangements

Spring Flower Arrangements

Spring is almost here and that means tulips and daffodils will pop their heads up out of the ground. And once that happens, I can start clipping them and bringing them into the house. But until that happens, the grocery store has plenty of pretty blooms to bring into the house. Today I’m sharing just a few of my favorite spring flower arrangements to give you ideas for your own arrangements.

Virginia BluebellsVirginia Bluebells are one of my favorite spring time flowers. These delicate beauties sprout up all around the garden and every year there seems to be more. I love their droopy appeal and they look great bunched together in a white pitcher.


Tulips-in-Aqua-VaseTulips are the classic spring flower and look great in every color. Here, I’ve paired a spray of pink tulips with a vintage aqua vase I recently found at the flea market.


Carnations-Roses-MumsCarnations, mums, and roses are plentiful at the grocery store this time of year. My favorites fall in the pink family but they’re pretty in every hue. A squatty, silver pot with a rope handle makes the perfect vessel for these beauties.


Daffodils-in-BasketDoes anything signify spring more than sunny daffodils? After the crocus, they’re the first flowers that poke their flowery heads up in my garden. It’s always a thrill to see them come up!


Pink-n-AquaIf you’re like me, you buy more flowers than you need! When I have a few leftover from a larger arrangement, I find one of my blue Ball mason jars to tuck them into. A grosgrain ribbon echoes the pink color of the buds.


Lilacs-in-a-BasketThe last of the spring flowers to make their appearance in the garden are the lilacs. If pruned properly, you can increase the number of blooms you get each year from your lilac bushes. I love the smell of these blooming beauties!

What are some of your favorite spring flowers?

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