Two Hour Project: Ruffled Knit Scarf

Two Hour Project: Ruffled Knit Scarf

Hi, I’m Megan from Chaos Served Daily, and I so want to be a ruffle-wearing girl, but I’m just not. My friends, however, can and do wear ruffles without looking a fluffy bird. So I made some quick Ruffled Knit Scarves to give as gifts this Christmas. Please reserve your judgment on this photo…I’m giving this to someone who will look absolutely fabulous in it!


All you need for this scarf is a skein of fabric “yarn” and a pair of size 9 needles. The directions are on the back of the yarn label, but here they are, in case your yarn has a different set of directions.



  1. Gauge is not important for this pattern. Scarf measures approximately 86 inch long. Notes:This yarn is actually a lace strip with holes evenly spaced along one edge. You will be inserting hook through the holes. If you put your work down, be sure to put a stitch holder or safety pin on the working stitch. This holder needs to be larger than the hole so that your work will not fall apart.
  2. Insert hook through 1st hole from back to front; repeat for 2nd, 3rd and 4th holes. You now have 4 holes on the hook. Pinching together all four holes on the hook with left forefinger and thumb, insert hook from front to back into 5th hole and pull through all holes on hook. Repeat this entire procedure with each group of 5 holes.
  3. Continue until 4 or less holes remain; pull end through last stitch and pull tight. Trim beginning and ending fabric strip points so that they blend in with the ruffles.
  4. Shake out your scarf so that ruffles spiral.

This ruffled scarf took around two hours to make, and probably would have been even faster, but I kept thinking I was doing it wrong, since it was so simple, and frogging it and starting over. Silly, right? It really IS that simple.

I hope you’ll come by Chaos Served Daily for more easy and fun crafts, yummy recipes, and tales of our chaotic Army life! You can follow along on Pinterest or Facebook, too…I’d love to see you!


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  1. This is such a pretty scarf – and so are YOU! 🙂
    Laura / Pet Scribbles recently posted…Glitter Marble Magnets DIYMy Profile

  2. Aaaww, thanks, Laura! I really wasn’t fishing for compliments!
    Megan from ChaosServedDaily recently posted…TBT: Find It OrnamentsMy Profile

  3. Well, I don’t knit but the scarf is beautiful … and it looks great on you, by the way!

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