Window Art

Window Art

I decided I needed to change my boring built in shelf.I had this vintage window and thought why not make my window art?

Not much needed to be done other than cut off the tip of the window so it would fit on the shelf.


I decided to use some pages from a vintage French book that I had.

Simply tore pages out of the book and attached them with tape.

I can’t say this is an original idea with the pages.I have seen this before and was inspired.

Are you like that too?

I could not just place this window on the shelf by leaning it.

This need to be secured.

On each side of the top of the window I added a eye hook and also one on each side of the wall.

Then I connected them with an s hook.


I already had this Mary statue on this shelf.

But I think the window adds much more impact!



A very simple little change.

And I just shopped my own home!



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