Winter Pinecone Tree Craft

Winter Pinecone Tree Craft

Winter Pinecone Tree Craft

 One of my most popular posts on my blog is my Mini Pinecone Tree Pots, which I crafted for the holidays back in December 2012. That tutorial was revived again this year on Pinterest, and I was so grateful to see my pinecone tree craft featured in quite a few places including on Disney’s  Good Housekeeping contacted me about featuring the DIY on their website too around the holidays, but unfortunately the story had to be pushed back. Because it was now going to run after the holidays, they told me that my project wouldn’t be included as it was a bit too holiday-ish. 

No hard feelings on my part, because A) my project definitely was for the holidays; and B) I got inspired this week to create a version of my pinecone tree craft for the Winter season! Win-win!

Winter Pinecone Tree Craft Tutorial


Pinecone Tree Craft (1)

1 peat pot (I found mine at the dollar store, 8 pots for $1)
medium pinecone 
metallic paint – oyster pearl
metallic glaze – brown
multi-surface paint – mushroom 
small paintbrushes
plastic lid (to hold the paint)
tulle lace remnants

Painting peat pots is a quick project because the material of the pot absorbs paint super-quickly, making for a quick-drying project.  Peat pots also have lots of little nooks and crannies, which is fun for layering paints and glazes. 


1. Paint the peat pot with the oyster-colored metallic paint, both inside and outside. I painted 1 coat inside the pot and 2 coats on the outside.

2. Dab the brown metallic glaze onto sections of the pot’s outside as shown…

Pinecone Tree Craft (3)

… and quickly wipe off with a white paper towel. Repeat this process until your pot has lots of brown mixed into the overall look of the pot. 

3. Dip a tiny paintbrush into the mushroom multi-surface paint and swirl it into the brown metallic glaze in the plastic lid. Dab this lighter color here and there onto the peat pot then wipe off with a clean paper towel. 

Pinecone Tree Craft (4)

4. Examine your pot and decide which paints you want to have more of, or less of. This is a no-mistake craft, as the finished result is totally up to your liking. I dabbed a bit more brown metallic glaze onto the pot, wiped off, and then dabbed more of the oyster metallic paint in a few spots, again wiping off. 

5. Dab the oyster metallic paint onto the tips of the pinecone, lightly brushing the paint onto each tip. It gives a subtle sparkle, like snow crystals dusted onto the pinecone. Let dry.

Pinecone Tree Craft (2)

6. Cut two squares of tulle lace, or use some lace remnants. Place these over the opening of the peat pot. Place the pinecone on top of the lace and set it into the peat pot. The lace will form around the base of the pinecone and give a finished look to your mini pinecone tree pot.

And that’s it! 

Pinecone Tree Craft (6)

Pinecone Tree Craft (7)

Pinecone Tree Craft (8)

It’s wonderful to have a version of my mini pinecone tree pot craft that is just for the Winter months.

Pinecone Tree Craft (5)

It’s a simpler look that, to me, evokes the quiet beauty of January. The calm after the holidays!


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  1. Luv this Laura! 🙂
    Gee recently posted…The twelve days of ChristmasMy Profile

  2. Thanks so much Gee! So glad you like it!
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  3. Oh so cute!!!

  4. Sherry in Fl. :

    I’m so sick of Holiday glittery stuff, but this… this….. is just quietly Beautiful and looks like it was created JUST FOR JANUARY (and February too)…. I am thrilled to find this… soooo creative and perfect for this time of Year…Thanks

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