Burlap Wrapped Mason Jar Vase

Burlap Wrapped Mason Jar Vase

Burlap Wrapped Mason Jar One

This is the perfect time of year to bring in cut flowers from your yard or buy a bouquet to adorn the indoors.  You don’t have to use a fancy vase and sometimes the rustic look is so much more chic.  I pulled together this Burlap Wrapped Mason Jar in just minutes with a few crafty staples.

Mason Jar and Burlap4


Jar  ~ I used a spaghetti jar that was just too cool to turn in for recycling

Burlap ribbon


Mason Jar and Burlap5

paper tags

small stamp set and stamp pad

Make sure your jar is clean and free of any gummy label residue.

Wrap jar in burlap ribbon.  You can either use a hot glue gun to hold the burlap in place or use a pretty vintage hat pin in the back overlapping the ribbon slightly.

Stamp out a phrase, initials, etc., on the tag.

Wrap the burlap and jar with twine adding the tag and tying a bow.

Burlap Wrapped Mason Jar

There you have it!  Wouldn’t these be cute for a wedding, showers, etc.? 

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  1. OMG I just love this MB! Perfect craft for this time of year! Can’t wait to try it with my daughter!

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