Candytuft: A garden must-have!

Candytuft: A garden must-have!

Candytuft: an evergreen perennial with masses of stunning white flowers in Spring!

Two years ago, I wrote a post on my blog about Candytuft, a wonderful evergreen perennial that’s covered with stunning masses of white flowers each Spring. To date, that post is still one of my most popular, and I thought I’d share with you why I love this plant so much.

My favorite description of this pretty Spring perennial is actually my own: Candytuft is like Alyssum on steroids!

Candytuft flowers in Spring

Candytuft is a reliable bloomer, providing brilliant color before other perennials begin to grow. 

This year, Spring got off to a late start after all of the snow and freezing cold weather we had during the Winter. The bright white flower bed is a focal point while our Hydrangea plants are just starting to bud:

Candytuft blooms before many other perennials wake up!
No special care is needed once your plants are established. The first season we watered these plants a lot. And they still need to drink a lot of water (Don’t we all?) when the temperatures soar each Summer.  

Candytuft does best in Full Sun, with regular watering.

The stems and leaves are bright green, a perfect backdrop to its pretty white flowers . . . 

Candytuft stems

Candytuft is evergreen, which means the plant remains green year-round.

Candytuft evergreeen leaves

 When it’s finished blooming , the eye is drawn to the Hydrangeas blooms instead.

Candytuft is a pretty green color in the garden, when Summer flowers are in bloom!

 Here’s the same garden in the Fall: 

Candytuft in the Fall garden

Candytuft is an easy-care border plant that does not spread aggressively. Each plant spreads up to 12 inches in height and up to 1.5 feet wide.

Here’s what our the plants looked like in the Spring of 2012:

Candytuft: two-year old plants...

 And here are the same plants this year (Spring 2014) — grown together and much more lush!

Candytuft is an excellent border plant in the garden!

Candytuft is a hardy perennial in zones 3 to 9.

Don’t know which zone you’re in? Use this handy zone locator from the USDA. Just enter your zip code or simply select your state.

Toffee Grass and Candytuft

 This bee seems to love the white flowers as much as I do!

This bee is enjoying a Candytuft flower in Spring!

You can read my original post on my Pet Scribbles blog here:

Candytuft: An Easy Year-Round Garden Beauty!

And you can see more of my favorite garden plants here:

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What are some of your own favorite plants?

I’d love to know, so please share them in the comments!

Happy planting!




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  1. I love candytuft too! In my previous home the deer ate it like candy, pun intended. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In my new yard, I have a fence, so hopefully that will deter the deer. I’ve planted eight tiny 4″ pots of candytuft and am looking forward to a nice show next spring!
    Jenny recently posted…What’s Blooming? – May 3, 2014My Profile

  2. That looks so pretty, my MIL used to have some colored candytuft. Think I will see about getting some for my flower bed, I didn’t realize it came back every year.

  3. Simply divine! My local Lowe’s has the Pink Ice variety on sale for $3. I’m going back to buy more in hopes that my flowers look as fabulous as yours do!

  4. My candy tuft is not growing together or crawling x 3 years now. Could it be the weed barrier?

  5. R these also known as snow on the mountain

  6. In the fall can you transplant to thin out the candy tuft ?


  8. What variety of candytuft is this? I would like to start some from seed to get more plants for my money. My “go to” seed supplier carries some seeds, but reviewers say they produce mostly purple blooms. I love all white look you have here.

  9. These are striking!


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