Country Sunsets

Country Sunsets

Country Sunsets

Have you ever taken a walk in the country?  Living in West Texas….there are no walks better than the evening walks in the country.  We have some of the best sunsets in America.  But, even if you don’t live in West Texas…you can enjoy Country Sunsets. 

Country air just has magical powers.  Not too long ago a friend of mine, Jennifer Zuri, wrote about escaping to the country….she nailed it.  A visit to the country clears the mind.  It’s giving and peaceful.  It’s quiet and unassuming.  When the stresses of life get me down…I take a walk in the pasture…I’ve had the best talks with the Lord there.  The smell of the country air is clean and clear.  It smells like the nearest wildflower in bloom at the time.  When you walk into the country sunset there are no sounds of cars or industry.  It’s wild and musical at the same time.  If you listen close enough, you can hear every type of bird that soars the sky.

evening sun gleaming through the sprinkler


The shadows begin to lengthen as the sun goes down and a golden glow beams over everything.  I love the way it sparkles through the droplets from the sprinkler in these photos. 


evening sunlight on a rose


The fields of cotton seem to go on forever to the North of my yard…and the pastures to the South.  I get the best of both worlds, sod busters and grass growers.


Looking across the pasture


I love looking through the Vitex blossoms,  over my old timey wire fence, out across our pasture where I walk in fellowship with God.  This is where our Black Angus cattle grazed not so long ago.  The echos of the mamma cows calling to their calves to gather before dark filled the evening air.  I miss our cattle…now gone and a sweet memory.  Some day when we retire…we’ll most likely add that sound back into our country life.


Silverlace on the fence


Is there anything more beautiful than the tiny white blooms of the Silver Lace Vine twined around the old fence?  Rustic old fences like this, so many times are taken down and replaced with wooden pickets….


Sunset on the birdbath


I love watching the birds flying in at dusk to gather to drink…after a long hot summer day in the sun.  As the sun starts down…and it cools, they become frisky and playful.  Singing courtship songs to one another…even they love country sunsets.


looking through to a small sitting area


One of the advantages of country life…is the space.  The room for lots of little nooks and crannies for sitting areas and hideaways.  Sometimes I sit in this little corner and read.  It’s closed in…surrounded by my roses and Vitex to one side and giant reed grass and gigantic, ancient spireas on the other.  All made possible by my drip lines! (You can read how to put in your own here.)


garden in the evening


Without neighbors to complain, this garden at the back walkway has become overgrown and wild…not that I mind…I kind of like my gardens that way.   Country life is a bit like that….wild and overgrown.  It’s just a complete fairytale that I get to call my home. 

Sunsetting on the rose


The last thing I see and smell before retiring to my little cottage, these gorgeous peach colored roses…they have an aroma that epitomizes how a rose should smell.

This is my fairytale.

Do you ever just drive in the country?  Do you live…or want to live in the country?  Don’t you just love country sunsets?

Love Y’all!



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  1. Vickie Adkins :

    Sometimes life can be so beautiful if we just take time to enjoy it.

    Thank You,

  2. There’s nothing more beautiful than the country. It’s right up there with sunsets on the beach. 🙂
    Jennifer @ Town and Country Living recently posted…You Don’t Want to Miss the Kitchen Details Tour!My Profile

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