How To Create Decorating Interest with Opposites

How To Create Decorating Interest with Opposites

Milk Paint and Gold Frame Creating Interest with opposites #decorating #diy #milkpaint #gold #chalkboardpaint #chalkboardwall cupcakes-and-crinoline

My adventure in opposites began with this beautiful but far too dark frame that I purchased for under $10.00 a few years ago. 

Milk Paint and Gold Frame Redo BeforeI loved the frame but really had no idea what to do with it.  A few months ago I painted a small accent wall in my living room with chalkboard paint ~ this was a BOLD move for me but I really like the end result.  I had this idea to hang the frame on that wall and change out what I hung inside of it for the holidays and seasons.  It worked great but no one ever noticed the frame.  It blended in way too well with the wall.  Then one day I got an idea (insert lightbulb!).

Milk Paint and Gold Frame _MG_5875

I have I have a very large mirror on an opposing wall and the finish on that mirror was my inspiration.  The mirror was similar in that it also had a very obvious inlay and several levels.  

Milk Paint and Gold Frame _MG_5881I used a crackle base for the area that was NOT going to be painted gold.  I followed the directions on how to apply this and used a top coat of General Finish Snow White Milk Paint.

Once the first treatment was completed and allowed to dry I next used a gold metallic paint and used a dry brush technique for the inlay.  I wanted the final finish to look a little chippy and have an antique feel to it so I didn’t worry about covering everything with paint.  I let some of the original color come through.

Frame Redo using Milk Paint, Crackle and Gold to Create Dimension #milkpaint #cracklefinish #gold #frame #redo #diy cupcakes-and-crinoline

The wall that the chalkboard wall shares a corner with is an off-white with a large black clock ~ I like the opposites of the wall color and what’s hanging on the walls.  I may have to move the clock up though, or the frame down, as the asymmetry is messing up my balance!  

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