Easy Chenille Pipe Cleaner Doll DIY

Easy Chenille Pipe Cleaner Doll DIY

Easy Chenille Pipe Cleaner Doll DIY


Happy New Year everyone! January always begins with a sense of promise, as we focus on our hopes and plans for the coming year. And after the flurry of holiday crafting, the idea of getting cozy with a cup of tea and working on something simple – without any glitter or sparkle – sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?

Today’s craft fits the bill, as we’re going to make some easy chenille pipe cleaner dolls. This DIY is indeed easy and also doesn’t require a lot of time. Chenille pipe cleaner dolls are fun for kids to make too.

Let’s get started!

Supplies:  You’ll need one 12-inch Chenille Pipe Cleaner, sometimes called a Chenille Stem, for each pipe cleaner doll. These chenille stems are the pipe cleaners that have “bumps” in them. You can usually find these in craft stores in the general crafting section. I purchased a package of 12 in black, but you’re sure to find different colors to choose from.


Step 1:  Take your pipe cleaner and cut it into three sections as follows:

  • Section A: will have one chenille bump  (This will become the head.)
  • Section B: will have one chenille bump  (This will become the arms.)
  • Section C: will have two chenille bumps  (This will become the body and legs.)


Step 2:  Take Section A and curve it together so that the ends are touching. (This will look like a tear drop shape.) Keeping those ends together, twist them once.


Step 3:  Wrap the end of Section A (that you just twisted) around the middle of Section B. It should look like a hook that you then tuck into itself, around Section B. Now you have the head and the arms done!


Step 4:  Take Section C and find the midpoint – in between the two chenille bumps on the pipe cleaner stem. Put Section C “into” the opening of the head (Section A), stopping at Section C’s midpoint.



Fold Section C in half, downward from the head. These two halves will be the body and legs. Twist those two halves around each other tightly twice. 
Almost finished!
Step 5:  Turn the ends of the “arms” and the “legs” up to make the hands and feet.
Step 6:  Double-click the free printable – below –  to make it full size. Right-click to download and save to your computer. Print on 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock.  Cut out the images and glue to the “head” of your doll form.  
Optional:  Seal the front and back of your images with Mod Podge and let dry before attaching to your doll.
Images for personal use only!
Pipe Cleaner Doll Heads - free printable by Pet Scribbles
 That’s it!
Pipe Cleaner Doll Actual Size
Bendable Pipe Cleaner Dolls
Some ideas for your little dolls? Since they are bendable, you can have them sit on a shelf. Or how about having them hold onto some ribbon on a pretty package? You could even run a necklace chain through the back of one and wear it as a pendant! 
This is a fun little craft to do with kids too! Make photocopies of your children’s faces to use as the heads. Or have your kids choose their favorite superhero, doll or action figure and search the internet for some images you can print and cut out.
Thanks for stopping by LCI today, and here’s to a very creatively inspiring 2014!
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  1. So cute! I saw Christmas ornaments like this in a store but didn’t buy them. Now that I have your tutorial, I’ll try making some of my own!

  2. I’ve seen these on Etsy too, Jennifer – and I love that I can make my own! Once you make a few, you’ll want to make a lot! 🙂
    Laura / Pet Scribbles recently posted…Winter Pinecone Tree CraftMy Profile

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