Finding Creative Inspiration

Finding Creative Inspiration

I think an inherent trend in all humans is to be creative. Whether at work or at home, we all have a creative thread running through us. Some days we feel it more than others. When you’re not feeling the creativity so much yet desire to do something inspired, what helps you in finding creative inspiration? For me, it’s getting outside with nature.

Wintry Road in the CountryEven on a wintry day, walking down a quiet country road helps clear my mind and I can feel the stress melt off my shoulders. The clean, crisp air removes the cobwebs in my head.


Finding Creative Inspiration in NatureFinding creative inspiration in nature is easy to do when you have beautiful country scenery. I run down this gravel road in the summer, and sometimes in the winter too.


Red Country Barn in WinterAnd then you turn the corner and see a beautiful red barn against the pure white snow and it takes your breath away.


Country Field in the WinterYou notice the various shades of blue in the rolling hills and the streaks of gray in the snow. Looking at nature helps you see combinations of color you wouldn’t normally put together yourself.


Scenic Country Road in WinterAnd so when I need help finding creative inspiration, I lace up my boots or shoes and head outdoors.

How do you find your creative inspiration?

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