Garden Bench

Garden Bench

Several years ago, I was conjuring up a creative idea in my mind. But sometimes, I get a very specific idea in my head (do you ever do that?), and can’t seem to see a project any other way. That’s how this idea for a garden bench was. It was exactly how I saw it…and I couldn’t focus on it in any other shape or form. This went on for some time…until, one day I was snooping about the local Goodwill…and there, hidden behind a bunch of other items…was my vision for a garden bench.

At this time, I was just beginning in the blogging world and didn’t often get before shots…so those are non-existent..but I DO plan some day to make this bench into a tutorial. It isn’t hard, and many of you may figure it out before then…but if not, rest assured, I’m thinking on this tutorial, and if I find another headboard that I like, it’s happening!

Garden Bench

The basic construction consists of cutting the headboard right down the center, and piecing it back together in a forty-five degree angle.   I had tons on scraps of plywood, and 2x4s for bracing, and they became the seat.  I know this all sounds vague…but I promise it isn’t that difficult.  If you don’t understand…I assure you…a tutorial is coming. 

Garden Bench

For now, hopefully it will inspire you to find your own headboard to play with.  I’ll see if I can find one…and we’ll build one together. 

Inspiration can come in so many places…I hope you find yours today!

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  1. This is so pretty, Tammy!

  2. These benches are the perfect way for you to add a personal touch to your own garden. They’re really individual and would look fab in a patio area.

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