Holiday Table ~ Folding and Pressing Cloth Napkins

Holiday Table ~ Folding and Pressing Cloth Napkins


Holidays are usually the only times I set a formal table and when I do I like to pull out the cloth napkins and the iron.  Ironing table linens gives your table the final touch it needs to make your meal a special occasion.

If you haven’t already done so, check your table linens and launder if necessary inspecting and treating for stains before the laundering process.

When drying your linens if you plan on ironing them, remove from the dryer when they are still slightly damp.  You don’t want them sopping wet but a little moisture will speed up your ironing process and give them crisper edges (napkins) and a smoother appearance (tablecloths).

how-to-fold-a-dinner-napkin-step-one #cupcakesandcrinoline

For this particular napkin fold you will need to start with square napkins.  If they have a design on one corner you will want to keep this in mind when folding.  This is the corner that will be displayed and should be placed in the upper left corner for your first fold-and-press.


Your second fold will be right to left ~ as above.


You want to end up with a triangle.  For your final fold-and-press bring the bottom right corner up to the top left corner.


And there you have it ~ how to properly fold and press linen napkins to complete Your Holiday Table.  

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