Hopes and Dreams

Hopes and Dreams

“Would you swim across a pond, knowing there was a snake in it, for $1000?”  My husband loves to come up with these little scenarios.  

No matter how much money, and with complete disregard for the risk, my answer is always, “NO.”  

I’m just not motivated by money.   

Almost two years ago, I quit teaching because the salary just wasn’t worth my emotional and physical well-being.  

I spent the first year, at least, in shock over my actions.  I quit.  I’ve never quit anything.  Even with validation from a counselor and my Dad and eventually my husband, I struggled with my decision.  Not because I was unsure, but because I left a secure job with a decent salary.  

My husband had just started a new job, after being unemployed for over a year, right before I resigned.  We needed the second income to recover from his unemployment.   We still need it.   

Ever since my resignation, I’ve been trying to make-up for my actions.  I poured myself into my blog at Mrs. Hines’ Class.  I signed on as a stylist for Stella and Dot.    Even this week, I’ve been looking at job openings online.  Just looking causes my chest to tighten.  

But it’s all a distraction. 

hope printable


(Free printable.  Click on image, then download to your computer and print.)



When will I learn that it’s okay to just be?   It’s why I resigned.  I desperately needed to refresh, rejuvenate and recover.  

 I recently made some self-discoveries, like that I love swimming for exercise, and that bike riding isn’t all that I had imagined.   I express myself through fashion, home decor and cooking to name a few.   

I’ve decided to take my health seriously and make some lifestyle changes.   I have a few business ideas rolling around in my brain.  My passions are being stirred, and I’m discovering what I have to offer the world.  

It’s like I’m just now waking up after a two year nap.   And I’m just realizing as I write, that this two year slumber has been a part of the recovery process.  It gave me time to rest.  It allowed dreams to well up within my soul.   

What are your hopes and dreams?  I’m looking forward to what the future holds, but for now, I’m going to “just be”…

…It’s good for the soul





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  1. Sharon, I love your printable. This post really hit home. I constantly seek a way to validate myself…my being. Sometimes the validation, is only something we place upon ourselves. For physical and emotional reasons…many of us need to stop trying to validate our place on this earth…and just sit still and know that God is in charge and we don’t have to struggle so hard to be more than he puts in front of us. I’m keeping you in my prayers…I know that the doors that need to be opened for you…will. Thanks for sharing…sometimes that’s the first step! 😀 ~Tammy
    Tammy Killough recently posted…How to install a drip line!My Profile

    • You hit the nail on the head, Tammy. I’ve been trying to validate my being, my existence. And I couldn’t agree more that we place it upon ourselves.

      I really feel God saying “Be Still and Know that I am God.” Being still is so hard for me. But I’m finally listening and hope to make the best of it.
      Sharon recently posted…“What I’m Doing Right Now” WednesdayMy Profile

  2. Wonderful post and printable, Sharon! I am constantly trying to find validation in everything I do but it’s when I stop trying to figure everything out for myself and just stop, pray and listen to Him, that I find peace! I hope all your dreams come true!~~Ang
    Angela recently posted…Backyard PondMy Profile

  3. Love this, Sharon. I’ve experienced similar feelings!

  4. Great post, Sharon! I recently quit teaching computer classes on the side. I have a full-time job but liked the additional cash in my pocket from teaching software, but I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I miss the money, but I kind of enjoy the challenge of living with a little less. Some of my happiest days were as a single mom finding ways to entertain 3 kids without a lot of money. It’s amazing how resourceful and creative you can become. I know you will find your path because your heart and mind are open and you have a beautiful spirit. That’s a winning combination!


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