How To Make Cinnamon Flavored Coffee

How To Make Cinnamon Flavored Coffee

Today I wanted to share how to make cinnamon flavored coffee.

I enjoy drinking flavored coffee and one of my favorite flavors is cinnamon.

It is a treat to buy a bag of flavored coffee,I normally just make my own because it is super easy.


Add a teaspoon per cup into the coffee grounds.


Then brew as normal it is as easy and simple as that!

Do you have a coffee bar?

Mine is set up next to our coffee mugs.

Inside that white bread box is where I store my coffee and filters.





Soon I will be adding a hot chocolate bar.

Okay that sounds funny I guess I should say a hot chocolate station.

You can read about the station I set up last year HERE.

Do you have a coffee station or a hot chocolate station set up in your kitchen?

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