How to Make a Butt Can

How to Make a Butt Can

Okay…I know y’all must be thinking…”has this woman lost her mind?”  Well…yes and no.  You see,  I used to smoke.  I pretty much smoked where ever I wanted…but the one thing I never did, was throw my butts in the yard.  I couldn’t, and still can’t stand seeing them lying around.  I quit nearly ten years ago, but I still can’t stand seeing butts in the yard.  I still have lots of family that smoke…and friends.  I’m not sure why, but they always want to throw their butts in my yard…or potted plants, but I got sick of it, and started making Butt Cans.  Now..these might not be the most glamorous of projects, but they’ll sure help keep your yard a little more glamorous! 

This summer I’m fixing up Dave’s little yard in Montana…and I have a friend that smokes…so, I decided I’d make a butt can to match the updates I’m doing around the yard…and Yep, you’re gonna get to see some of those too.


How to make a butt can


You can go all out, and get fancy, and buy different items for this, but why not just do like I did?


When I realized I needed a butt can here, all I had was this plastic flower pot.  Now, yes, plastic isn’t always the best choice for materials….you’ll find most folks snuff them  out, and you don’t get much of a problem.  

I wanted it to match the fabric I was using…so I painted the plastic can black and filled it about 2/3 of the way with dirt.



It didn’t have to have paint…but come one, it’s always more fun to make everything go together…so this nasty thing went black.  After that, I decided to doll it up just a bit with some left overs of outdoor fabric…and tied them around the pot.  I just left the edges all fraying…and I even got a “that’s cute” out of Dave…lol



Was that necessary?  No…but it’s so cute…for a butt can anyway.  I guess, it’s as cute as something that yucky gets…but, I don’t have to stare at the butts in my yard now, and I generally don’t have to show most folks the can but once.

Now, how cute it that?  I can’t wait to show you some of the other projects!

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  1. Eleanor Treole :

    Great idea!!! And cute, too!!

  2. Thanks Eleanor!…such a simple way to deal with those stinky little things! ~Tammy
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