Piñata Valentine Hearts

Piñata Valentine Hearts

Granted, a broken heart is a bad thing…but everyone will want to break open these!


Piñata Valentine Hearts are a fun treat & easy to make.

Even after making 33 of them I am still having fun. Well, that is because I am making them with my daughter for her class.  Getting crafty with my girls is one of my favorite things to do after all.

Want to make some?  You have plenty of time to make a whole bunch before Friday.  Forget the Sponge Bob & Hello Kitty school Valentine’s from the grocery store.  Your kids will love showing up at class with these to give out!



  • pretty Valentine-ish paper
  • sissors, glue, hole punch, marker
  • ribbon
  • and CANDY!!



  1. Make a 6-8 inch heart & a 2-3 inch heart pattern out of cardboard. The large size will be the piñata and the small heart the tag.
  2. Cut out 2x as many hearts as you want to make as you need a front & back.
  3. Cut one small heart for the tag for each Piñata
  4. Glue two large hearts together leaving 2″ unglued along the side – let dry
  5. Hole punch the small heart & tie a ribbon through the hole
  6. Write your message on the small heart tag
  7. Glue tag to the large heart – let dry
  8. Slide 4-6 pieces of candy into the big heart
  9. Glue opening, clamp with a paperclip or clothes pin – let dry


Pass your Piñata Valentines out to the lucky recipients. Your heart might break just a little as they tear the hearts open, but you’ll recover when you see their excitement! 


 Hope you enjoyed this fun paper craft. Come on by My Soulful Home any time for a visit.  Of course, you can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

** Kelly **

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