Rustic Stars and Sticks Art

Rustic Stars and Sticks Art

This Rustic Stars and Sticks art, in my mind, the perfect type of project this time of the year.  It has the rustic quality…that would work for your patriotic dad for Father’s Day, and the Americana/Patriotic vibe for Memorial Day, or Forth of July….or both!

It’s funny, for about 15 years now, I’ve had at least ONE room in my house that I keep Americana year round.  It’s not quite as drastic as it used to be…but I still have a room with Americana art in it.  With Red being my favorite color, almost every room in my house has red…I just simply can’t live without it.  However, I do sincerely love this artwork, despite the fact that there is zero red in it….it still just suites me. 


Rustic Stars and Stripes Art

I’ve decided that I’m keeping this, but this baby is super easy to make…and I might just make another for a friend!


Rustic Stars and Stripes Art

By making my Rustic Twig and Twine Star…and repeating two more times…. you’ve got it almost finished. 


Rustic Stars and Stripes Art

Gather a canvas that’s a bit wider than it is tall.


Rustic Stars and Stripes Art

Hot glue them, however appeals to your eye…and place the stick stripes.  They don’t weigh much, so the canvas can hold them very easily!


Rustic Stars and Stripes Art


Now you’ve got a piece of art that will work for at least two times of the year.  I will probably use mine year round.


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  1. I’ve made these for Christmas, but why have I never thought to use them for the summer patriotic holidays! Thanks for the inspiration, Tammy!
    Doreen recently posted…Favorite Summer Posts – All Things Home Elements of Summer PartyMy Profile

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