Be-YOU-tiful: Style Tips

Be-YOU-tiful: Style Tips

I love dresses.  Skirts too.  On any given day {unless it’s negative two degrees outside} if I have to get out of my pajamas, I would prefer to wear a cute little fit and flare dress or a skater skirt than a pair of jeans.  

Style Tips


In part, I think it’s because I like feeling feminine.  Also, I find that the style tends to work really well with my figure.  I can hide the parts of my body I’m most self conscious about, like my “mommy pooch” and my thighs, and accent the smallest part of my natural waist.  Unlike jeans {helloooo, muffin top}!   My stylist at Stitch Fix takes advantage of this knowledge and likes to sneak in cute dresses and skirts even when I haven’t asked for them and I say I want something else, because she knows I can’t resist them and I usually don’t send them back.

Recently, I had the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime to NYC for the New Voices of Beauty program, where I met staffers from Lucky magazine and P&G Beauty.  We got to film a video {what what?!} and tour the Lucky offices, and we also got to go shopping in Soho, armed with gift cards from our sponsors.



I was ridiculously excited because here I was in a shopping district I never get to visit, guided by stylish staff members from Lucky magazine, and armed with somebody else’s money!  I was ready to live on the edge by taking fashion risks and letting them guide me to step out of my normal comfort zone.  I couldn’t wait to buy things I wouldn’t normally choose for myself in the hopes that it would make me more fashionable somehow.  First, we went to TopShop, where there were tons and tons of clothes and accessories.  I tried on one shirt that was just okay on me, and a skirt that was much too short.  Then, Dina from Lucky told me that I needed to visit Madewell.  I did, and I instantly fell in love with everything in the store.  What did I find?  Well…see for yourself.


First, I found this gorgeous Silk Dress in Night Orchid.  I loved everything about it.  The floral print, the colors, the fit, the ruffles, and the overall flirty and fun feeling of it.  The other New Voices of Beauty girls and Dina were unanimous; I “needed” it.

Here’s my second purchase, still from Madewell:



It fits me like a glove.  Seriously.  It feels as though someone measured me and then custom made this tress for my body.  Plus, it was on sale for just $30!  I couldn’t pass it up.  So.  My great fashion adventure resulted in me bringing home…two dresses.

But here’s what I learned.  As we were perusing the stores, I commented to Dina that I felt like I always gravitate toward the same kinds of things and I wished I could push the envelope a little more and change things up.  To which she wisely replied, “Why?” She went on to tell me that if I’d found a style I love that’s flattering to me and that I feel good wearing, I should totally embrace it.  There’s nothing wrong with having a signature style.


It was such a relief to hear that!  Especially from someone who works at Lucky Magazine, no less!  It’s okay for me {and for you!} to embrace the styles that make us feel good about ourselves even if it means we don’t jump on every trend that comes down the runway.  I know, for example, that I won’t be wearing a single crop top this spring, even though they’re supposedly the new wardrobe staple.  I’m just not built for that.  But sticking to timeless fashions in styles that make us comfortable, we can’t go wrong.  Whatever your signature style is, embrace it!  Wear that favorite leather jacket five times a week {sometimes I do!} or rock your favorite boots with every outfit you’ve got.  Don’t be embarrassed that you like shopping at Target better than TopShop {I do!}; there’s nothing wrong with finding things you like at whatever price point works for you. Because when you’re comfortable and confident, you look and feel like a million bucks.

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  1. Amy, you rock…so proud for your experience! What an honor!! ~Tammy
    Tammy Killough recently posted…Chippy Sheet Music Step StoolMy Profile

  2. Thanks for such an inspirational post Amy – but I must say: you make it all look SO easy! 🙂 Love the dresses you picked out from Madewell too!
    Laura / Pet Scribbles recently posted…Peat Pot Wedding Favors DIY and VideoMy Profile

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