Toolbox Planter

Toolbox Planter

Toolbox Planter

 I love a junky planter…don’t you?  I’ve done all kinds of planters from one thing or another.  Junk planters have to be my favorite.  I think that the mix of the soft foliage and the rustic junk just makes for the perfect combination.  Every spring I’m generally out on the prowl for something fun to plant up with the new and fresh flowers that all the nurseries are tempting us with as soon as warm weather hits.  In Texas…they even start putting the flowers out before it stops freezing.  I think that we’re all in such a hurry to get going…we forget that we still have remnants of winter left.  None the less, that never stops me from getting it rolling with the junk. 

Today I’m sharing a toolbox planter that I’m planting up with succulents.  This little guy will be perfect in the scorching sun here in Texas. 


Toolbox Planter

  Anyone who knows me…or has read much from me, knows gardening is my passion! I think most anyone who has seen my yard, or pictures of my flowers will agree…I Love gardening!  I love gardening with junk! Whether it’s one of my garden bugsflowerpots from Junk…or my ladybug bowling ball…I love gardens, and blooms and I make no bones about it.

Today…I’m sharing my little succulent garden step by step photographs with you, but you may not have a toolbox to plant yours in…and you may not have this taste.  But you can get some inspiration for your own planter…whether you love blooms…or succulents.  There is nothing like throwing some plants in a piece of junk…that just changes the feel.

Empty old toolbox

Find a container

toolbox filled about 1/2 full and plants placed

Fill approx 1/2 full of miracle-Gro moisture control potting soil. Find the plant placement you like.

Filling in with dirt

fill around your plants with dirt. I’m not filling quite to the top of mine…so I have room for pebbles

Rinsing plants

Rinse plants lightly to remove any soil

Fill in with pebbles

Fill in around plants with pebbles and rinse lightly again


Arrange anything extra. I added some decorative rocks and a piece of driftwood to add interest to the shallow portion of the toolbox

Don’t forget…be sure you have adequate drainage…plants don’t like their little feet to sit in water all the time.

 Now…that’s a Job that I LOVE using a toolbox for!

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