Cleaning A Wood Cutting Board 101

Cleaning A Wood Cutting Board 101

boards.Some are used and some I just display.


Every so often I like to give my wood boards a good cleaning.

I use a lemon sliced in half and salt.



Did you know that salt is a natural disinfectant?

After slicing the lemon get a small bowl and fill it with some salt.Not too much you can always add more if needed.

Then take you lemon and dip it in the salt.



Then simply rub the lemon over the cutting board.Now use a little elbow grease and really scrub!

Hmmmm I love the smell of lemon don’t you!


Once you clean it really well take a damp cloth and clean the salt off.


Never ever immerse a wood board into water.This will warp the wood.

Let you board sit out and dry a bit.

Now it’s time to add a little oil.I prefer using food grade mineral oil.

I just apply this with a paper towel and rub it in well.


And that’s it!


As I said I love using my wood boards.I use these for cutting vegetables,breads and sometimes I use them as serving trays for entertaining.


Some fresh edible lavender from my garden.


Even when your not using your boards take them out and display them!

They are beautiful on their own.


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  1. Great tip, Anne! I didn’t know salt was a disinfectant, and I’ve never rubbed a wood cutting board with lemon, but I will now!

  2. Nice post Anne! Most people don’t bother to clean and or revive their boards like they should. I am a woodworker and have been making cutting and serving boards for many years. Check out my site, cutting boards make great gifts!

    Michael 🙂
    michael recently posted…Walnut Step Stool: Part IIIMy Profile

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