How to Make a Valentine Banner from Scrapbook Paper

How to Make a Valentine Banner from Scrapbook Paper

Have you jumped on the banner bandwagon?  My goodness, they’re a hot commodity.  Well…I have a really simple Valentines day Banner from scrapbook paper.  It’s made from ONE sheet of scrapbook paper.  So incredibly easy.

I love that I made this so inexpensively.  AND…it’ll look incredible with Rose Bouquet made from Discount store, flowers. that I made over at Deja Vue Designs today.  If you plan, or would like to plan on giving flowers this year, you should check it out.  I’ll show you how to make it look like a florist made it!


Scrapbook Paper Banner

How incredibly cool is that? It’s like it was just meant to be a banner.  Each one had a front and a back, so I really had 12 to choose from.

Scrapbook Paper Banner

I love the color combination in this page.

I started mine by cutting a length of this cream twine the length I wanted the banner to be, plus about six inches for each end.

Scrapbook Paper Banner

By looping the twine…I started my end knots.

Now take both thicknesses…and loop it over again.

Scrapbook Paper Banner

Now make a knot


Scrapbook Paper Banner

Now you can just hang it over a hook, or a nail or whatever.

I cut each rectangle out and then I folded them in half (don’t crease them) and cut my v shapes out of the bottom.

Scrapbook Paper Banner

Once I had one done, I laid in down on the other five so I would get the v’s all the same depth.

Scrapbook Paper Banner

Now do the same at the top to punch your holes.  That way your holes are exactly the same distance from the ends.


Scrapbook Paper Banner

Punch the holes through both sides at once.

Scrapbook Paper Banner

Now begin to fish your twine or ribbon or whatever you choose, throw the holes.  See below how the twine wants to fray?

Scrapbook Paper Banner

Here’s your solution:  Take a piece of tape and wrap it around the end, and cut it into a point.  Then you have a “needle” of sorts, and your rope doesn’t fray. Just don’t go too far, you’ll most likely have to cut it completely off…so just barely cover the end.


I just love the way it looks hanging on my beds.

Scrapbook Paper Banner

I just have to decide which one I like the best.

Scrapbook Paper Banner

What do y’all think?  Did y’all see my

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  1. This is SO pretty! And thanks for the tip about the fraying ends too!
    Laura / Pet Scribbles recently posted…Easy Faux Copper Patina Paint FinishMy Profile

  2. Too darn cute, and that is a great tip!

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